SEO For Franchises

With franchisees being the public face of any franchise, it’s critical that it attracts local customers in order to beat the competition. At GWM, we help them stand out among their competitors. We use specific SEO strategies to boost their online presence and generate a steady stream of high-quality leads for franchisees Franchises and multi-location organizations benefit from efficiencies in their operations, marketing, and branding, but when it comes to SEO, they serve up some unique challenges. 

Do you own a franchise?

If yes, then it’s time to start implementing SEO for franchise strategies. It’s no secret that attracting new clients is not easy and with increased competition, franchise owners have been forced to think outside the box and come up with new creative ways to attract new clients. Research shows that many customers today turn to search engines such as Google when searching for a franchise near them. So, if you have not established a robust online presence, which can only be achieved through an effective SEO for franchisees approach, attracting new clients may become a challenge.

How can you optimise your site nationally and at scale for your locations? A successful multi-location business SEO strategy should be equal parts national and local.

At Green Web Marketing, we strive to provide top franchise SEO services to ensure you thrive in the online world. We develop custom-made digital strategies that answer your business’s individual strategies that are centred around your local franchise location. We start with on-page optimization recommendations and then move to off-page tactics. Green Web Marketing boasts an expert in-house SEO team whose link-building efforts will be focused on local citations and targeted outreach in order to ensure we reach your target audience.

Reasons to Consider SEO for Franchise

Search Engine Optimisation is the best way to thrive in an online marketing environment that is extremely competitive and challenging. The goal of franchise SEO is to make your business visible to local consumers across different locations and digital platforms and increase traffic to both a website and a physical store. At GWM, we offer franchise SEO services to help you boost your brand recognition and scale your business. Our team will help you reconfigure your marketing strategies to reach your target market and optimize your franchise locations for search engines. We thoroughly research different niche markets to create effective and conversion-focused SEO strategies for franchisors and franchisees to maximize the impact. 

Local Leads from Local Searches

When we optimise your website for your target queries, your local rankings will improve and that will drive laser-targeted leads to your franchise. 

Social Media Networks

We will also focus on your social platforms to derive community insights, analytics, and other useful data to connect better with your local audience and engage with them on a personal level. This will help to boost brand loyalty.

Building Strong & Long-Term Relationships

Building brand authority isn’t enough. Long-term relationships with your clients will help your franchise grow consistently and SEO can help to maintain this rapport with your local audience. 

Reach New People

As SEO helps to better reach your existing audience, it will also help you to reach out to new people and discover new audiences. This will further help you expand your services and grow your customer base like never before. 

Franchises aren’t like every business 

and their SEO strategy shouldn’t be either

SEO services for franchises with multiple locations are different from those for businesses with only one location (at least they should be). When it comes to getting your site and your franchise locations found in search engines, there are some additional challenges that a franchise or multi-location business might face. There’s no cookie-cutter SEO solution that will tackle all of these so you need an SEO team that is willing to build a strategy that works for your business goals and supports each franchise location. Here are some areas where we address SEO a little differently for franchises and multi-location businesses:

  • Website Audit
  • Ranking Reports
  • Keyword Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • Local SEO 
  • Link Building
  • Google Search Console & Analytics
  • On-Page SEO

Specific Keywords Research

For a business with only one location, our SEO strategy focuses heavily on optimising the website for keywords related to that specific location. However, for local SEO for franchises, the strategy needs to be more targeted. Each local franchise business will have its own set of target keywords that take into account its local market but also any unique needs and characteristics of that location. Especially with franchises and cooperatives where the locations are independently owned, we often find that each location offers slightly different services. This requires careful research and analysis to identify the best keywords for each location.

Benefits of Franchise SEO

SEO, as a whole, can benefit your franchise website in various ways. The marketing strategy adopted by our marketing agency for franchise owners is very unique and it can benefit them in several ways, such as: 

  • A rapid increase in traffic and monthly visitors to the website
  • Improvement in your current search engines rankings like Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Increased response on web forms and enhanced user experience
  • Extra exposure on Google Maps for your local listings
  • Leveraging the power of Google Search Console and Google Analytics to understand search engines and user behaviour

What sets us apart from all our competitors is the fact we believe transparency is the best policy. Yes, here at Green Web Marketing we never leave our clients in the dark. When designing an SEO franchise strategy for your business, we provide you with access to a real-time dashboard where you can track progress and positive results from wherever you are, whenever you want.

Let’s Work Together

Green Web Marketing is Australia’s most reputable SEO company. Though we started locally, our extensive knowledge and industry expertise has helped us quickly make a name for ourselves – and for the right reasons. Not surprisingly, we pride ourselves on an extensive list of satisfied clients in South East Asia, Europe and the USA.

Contact us today to become one of them and we will provide you with a quote completely free of charge. And when you do decide to hire us, you can rest assured we won’t lock you into any long-term contracts!







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