Google Penalty Removal

SEO services entail many activities that improve the chances of your website ranking higher in the SERPs. However, sometimes people violate Google guidelines and often use wrong practices to get increased traffic. That’s when Google raises a penalty if your site uses the Black Hat SEO techniques. A penalty often leads to either your website being no longer listed in SERPs or a sudden decrease in rankings and traffic.


Such penalties would severely damage your online reputation. The crucial step towards saving this situation is to act quickly. That is where GWM with its SEO services in Sydney comes in offering expertise and helping you recover from any of the penalties.

When a website is subject to a Google penalty, it can be very hard for it to attain a high rank again. This is because the search engine knows its history of nefarious conduct and is tentative about listing it as valuable content. Even if bad practices have been suspended, Google will likely remain unwilling to offer any improvements.


Fortunately, the burden can be lifted in just three steps which have been simplified for your benefit. 

  1. Finding out why the site is being penalised,
  2. Correcting it and implementing measures to ensure it never happens again and
  3. Submitting a reconsideration request

The process is like trying to convince your partner you are worthy of being taken back after a fight, so it requires a lot of effort.

    The process is like trying to convince your partner you are worthy of being taken back after a fight, so it requires a lot of effort. Using intelligent Google penalty removal strategies, GWM SEO Sydney company has helped numerous companies recover from the associated issues. This is what makes us confident in our abilities to cope with even the most aggressive penalty and help a business out at any time. Regardless of the type of problem you’re experiencing, GWM can be of assistance and set your website back on track.

    Whatever the cause of your penalty, we’ll use our know-how and industry-tested tools to make sure it’s lifted as soon as possible. We have everything we need to conduct extensive backlink analyses and clean-up operations as well as technical website crawls, content audits and continual reviews, so you can feel confident that your site is in safe hands.


    Diagnosing the SEO Issue

    This step can be easily accomplished with an SEO tool such as Majestic SEO or Google Analytics. See Chapter 10 as these programs are integral to pinpointing penalties.

    1. Fixing the SEO Issue and Documenting

    It is important that when undergoing the restoration process, everything is documented. For example, if you are suffering from lowquality backlinks then you should list them in a Google Spreadsheet (if possible). Documenting is important when it comes time to submit the reconsideration request as it will serve as evidence of your good intentions. It is important to document successes and failures in this area when it comes to submitting the reconsideration request.

    1. Disavow

    A convenient tool that comes in handy when dealing with poisonous backlinks.

    1. Submitting a Reconsideration Request

    This is the final step in the process. Essentially you are telling Google:

    • What you have done wrong
    • What you have done to fix it
    • What measures you have taken to ensure it never happens again
    • And Apologising

    Be specific and as truthful as possible and own up to your mistakes. If it was an SEO provider who committed them, provide their name to Google.

    1. Play the Waiting Game

    Do not expect any instant ranking boosts.

    After you have submitted a request, do not expect a response for a few days or even weeks. Even if it is accepted, it can take a long while still before you notice any significant changes in SERPs, unless perhaps your website is now being indexed again. It is potentially it is possible your site might not rank well, even without the penalty.

    Still, without the burden of a serious Google penalty, your website and all the pages therein should be strong enough to fly skyhigh in SERPs. SEO penalties are serious because they cannot be counted on to go away on their own. If your site has been de-indexed or its rank has taken a heavy battering, then it needs to be corrected immediately. Adopting a new strategy to correct SEO Sydney practices and never engaging in them again is the first step toward attaining an approved reconsideration request.

    If you notice your website lacks traffic and isn’t positioned as high as it should be, contact GWM immediately. Don’t ignore the potential Google penalty because, in extreme cases, these penalties can result in a company having to change its domain name because it has been blacklisted by Google! With GWM SEO Sydney expert Google penalty removal services, your website will be back on track. Contact us today to discuss the process of recovering your website as soon as possible.


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