HTTP to HTTPS Migration

Ensuring that your website is SSL certified and all pages are https is a crucial component of the SEO process. This is because these websites have higher security levels and encryption that is visible to all visiting traffic.

That’s not all:

Besides being safe, they are favoured by the search engines and given rankings boosts. So ensuring your website(s) have SSL certificates and are properly optimised is vital to a healthy SEO campaign.


What is SSL?

You may not recognise the term Secure Sockets Layer or SSL but you will likely have seen https and/or http before. They are the lines of code that appear in the beginnings of some URLs in green.


How to Get an SSL Certificate

There are online merchants such as GoDaddy, DigiCert and Comodo who sell https certificates. Prior to any purchasing you need to decide just what kind of certificate is needed. Are you protecting one website or several? What about your sub-domains?

Perhaps you want to invest in an EV SSL certificate. It costs more but takes the display of https an extra step further by conveying further traffic validating info.

Instead of simply saying ‘Secure’, the certificate states more descriptive info such as the name of the business and its country of origin.

The Milestones

There are a multitude of concerns that need to be addressed and satisfied to ensure a successful https migration.


Adopting a migration strategy should be done during a period when traffic is at its lowest. For example, a winter wear business would probably ensure greater success if it implemented a plan in the summer. Doing so will ensure you do not miss out on any traffic boom periods.


Having the https version of your website in Google webmaster tools is essential. This will ensure that the https version will be given SEO priority over the www edition.

301 Redirect

Which of these URLs would you most likely type out?


Most, if not all people, would opt for the latter. It’s shorter and easier to compose. Typically this would mean https versions of websites would rarely get visited. Fortunately, that is why 301 Redirects exist. Using the URLs listed above as an example, if someone input the latter, a 301 redirect would automatically link them to the https version of

Before implementing redirects it is important to list all the pages of your site and connect them to the pages they will redirect too.

Update Link Network

Once https is launched it is important that the websites link network is updated and established, including links from social media. This will ensure search engines will not be penalised for duplicate content.

XML Sitemap

Create a new sitemap with all the https URLs and submit them to the Google Webmasters.

Update the Robots.txt File

Like with the sitemap, the robots.txt file must be configured for https optimisation.

Canonical Tags

A canonical tag is a special tag that is only found in a web page’s source code and is part of the HTML header.

Optimise for Google Analytics

Ensure that the tool is optimised for https use.

Code Check

Ensure that all the coding works correctly with https.

Ensure Extension Functionality

Some plugins may or may not operate depending on whether a site is https or not.

Check Page Speed

Evaluate the speed between the https and non-https page(s) and make changes.

Utilise Updated Links

It is important that the https URL is used in your link building campaigns. If possible try to update the backlinks too, if applicable. Https migration is a tricky avenue because it leaves you busy checking whether all your pages and links are optimised. However, it has been proven that it can be a valuable asset when it comes to building a strong SEO approved website and can even foster the experience of the human user.


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