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Are you a retail store looking to increase your foot traffic? Then our retail SEO service is perfect for you! We’ll help boost your presence online and make sure you’re ranking high for local searches. This will bring more customers through your door and help you achieve your sales goals. As an online retailer, you probably know that search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial to a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. But you also probably know that SEO is much different for retailers than for other companies.

Shop owners just beginning to advertise on the web are also advised to get involved in SEO services as soon as possible after the launch of their website. After all, customers aren’t going to come to you – you need to make sure you’re easy to find! You could limit your reach to your local high street or opt to broaden your exposure and deliver your stock to a much larger audience.

SEO for e-commerce websites takes knowledge and teamwork, but with our expertise in retail SEO services and your knowledge of your products and customers, we can enhance your retail SEO and get your site where it belongs – up there at the top of the search results.




No matter if you’re selling goods online or looking to use a quality website to establish a strong web presence and use it as a marketing tool, you’ll want to have your site listed on that first page of search results. Why? Because 75% of people never look past that first page and find everything beyond it completely irrelevant. And that’s what your high-quality website will be if target customers cannot find it – irrelevant. A retail SEO strategy is not just about generating more traffic – it’s also about providing a better customer experience. We can help improve your website’s usability and make sure your customers have a positive experience when they visit your store.


How SEO For Retailers is Beneficial For Your Business?

Since it is a retail site, it might contain hundreds of pages selling one or the other product. Hence, your customers might not be able to visit the landing page, every time they scrutinise your website. So, it becomes important to optimise every single page, so that every page becomes a landing page, and the customers end up making a purchase at your site. This is what retail-specific SEO reseller solutions would do for your business, on a large scale.

Increases Credibility

Paid internet advertising and social media are excellent tools for increasing website visitors. However, search engines drive the vast majority of web traffic. Organic (unpaid) search results are also perceived as more credible by customers. Consider this: the primary purpose of Google and other search engines is to present people with high-quality, reputable content. As a result, users of search engines increasingly equate higher results with more valuable content. As a result of incorporating SEO into your marketing approach, your website will rank higher. Having a higher-ranking website will help you gain credibility and authority with your target customers. This will ultimately result in greater sales for your retail store.

Attract Local Customers

Every month, billions of local searches are conducted. 80% of people now use a search engine to find local information, according to Google. This is why, for retail businesses, a local retail SEO service is more crucial than ever. A solid local SEO for retail has numerous benefits, including higher local visibility, more relevant traffic, increased visibility on Google Maps, and a positive local reputation. As you can see, ranking well in local search results is crucial! Foot traffic and revenues are more likely to increase in retail businesses with a strong local web presence.

Boost Retail Brand Awareness

The use of content is an essential component of SEO services for retail. Consumers discovering useful information online about a specific retail brand using SEO raises retail brand awareness for that brand and firm. It is a significant benefit that aids in the sales process.

Retail SEO Services Sydney

Here at Green Web Marketing, Sydney’s top digital marketing agency, we believe retail SEO strategy should cover two important aspects: on-site optimisation and off-site marketing techniques.

The first step requires reviewing your website and determining which pages are to be optimised based on sales volume and product demand. Your website should be mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly and captivating, keeping users on the page for as long as possible. We will help you develop ideas to improve user experience and to ensure that the site is Google optimised.

A professional, attractive and engaging site will reduce instances of “pogo-sticking”. When visitors click and hang around, that in turn boosts your SEO even further, leading to a virtuous circle of higher search rankings and improved traffic.

Next, our expert team of in-house digital marketing professionals will conduct keyword research to determine which phrases drive traffic to your website and focus on properly implementing those keywords into the existing content. Keywords should be used strategically, so carry out your own research for commonly searched phrases and include these. We will work with you to explore those long-tail keywords and build them into every aspect of your SEO strategy, from optimising your webpage content and blogs to boosting your retail SEO with a targeted pay-per-click campaign.

Green Web Marketing professionals understand there are no shortcuts and simple solutions for retail SEO efforts. We take pride in our white hat link-building methods and we will collaborate with you on establishing the best approach to improving your brand image and website visibility in the online arena. Our expert team will conduct link audits, analysis of backlinks pointing to your website and competitor analysis to collect all the information needed to determine the direction your digital strategy plan should take.


Our Consultations 

At Green Web Marketing, we strive to be the best when it comes to service. That is why we offer free consultations. Have a chat with one of our experts and learn how we can improve your brand’s reputation. We’re determined to see your digital presence strengthened and are so confident of your success that our consultations come with the added benefit of zero risk. At Green Web Marketing we won’t lock you into any long-term contracts as we run on a month-to-month basis and provide the most affordable services in the industry. Contact us now to get a free quote for your retail website!

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