The old saying goes that all politics are local politics, but that can also be said about Search Engine Optimisation. Bluntly, if you don’t get the local SEO right, you aren’t going to get any of the SEO right.

Local SEO, for those new to the idea, is simply ensuring that your company is visible to search engines when they are asked about local businesses. If you own a café in downtown Sydney but a Google search doesn’t show it in local places to eat, your local SEO has failed. Easy money will walk right by your door and go to the closest café that is listed on Google. It works with all businesses, not just restaurants, and the principles remain the same.

Search for your product or service in your local area. Google is the most widely used search engine on the planet, so use it. If your business isn’t on the list, you need to make some changes. Note any directory services that are listed above your business, whether they are paid directories or not, and use them. Unpaid directories will have a direct impact on your SEO rating, but even paid services can be used as a bridge by showing your site within their own.

Use these directories to promote your business. Make sure they have the correct address, phone number and other information and keep your Google Map listing up to date.

This is the bare minimum that every company should be doing to maintain their local presence on Google Maps and, by association, in Google searches. Once your name pops up when looking for local businesses, then you can start focusing your SEO efforts on moving up the list.

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