And, more importantly, why should I care?

As your company gets involved with SEO services, these two terms are going to become very important to you. Google uses both on- and off-Page SEO to determine where your website will land on their search engine ranking and, of course, the stronger your website is in both areas, the higher it will rank.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is all about what is going on in your website. It refers to the content you have and ranks whether it is valuable or not-so-valuable. Since content is the primary qualifier of your website’s strength, it is advantageous to have a strong on-Page SEO presence.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is how the rest of the internet sees your website. The most significant qualifier in your off-Page SEO presence is the strength, authority and number of backlinks you have to your content. The more the rest of the internet sees you and your website as experts–by linking to your content– the stronger your off-Page SEO rating will be. When you combine both of these factors and some other stuff that Google likes to keep hidden from us, it determines how strong your SEO ranking is and where you will land on searches depending on the keyword used. On-Page SEO is all about content and, with Google, content is king. The best way to shift your search engine rankings upward is to write quality content. The better the content, the more likely other sites will link to it, improving your off-Page SEO.

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